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The Borderland

Johannes Karlsson

Examiner: Abelardo Gonzalez
Tutor: David Garcia

The borderland is an exploration in experiences and the way we perceive architecture and its context. The site is Ravlunda shooting range on Österlen and the program is transforming to a place for producing, exhibiting, selling and storing art. The main focus is on intuitive research, sketching and digital fabrication methods. 

The unemployment rate in the region is high and the area of farmed land is decreasing. The more conventional livelihoods are providing less people with work. 1980 Simrishamn was the biggest fishing port in sweden and the boats
were tight entrenched at the dockside and the shipstore were crowded. Today the shipstore is rebuilt into an art school that has many more applicants than places whilst the only fishing school in the country that used to be here are gone. 

Culture establishments are engaging more and more people in the region and this is nothing unfamiliar. Culture is the fastest growing branch in the western world. 

Culture have the ability to develope the soul, to open minds and to bring quality of life inte people. But it can also create nre work opportunities and welfare in a region with weak traditional labour market. 

For example Cologne and Dorthmund according to the scentist Göran Cars. These cities did a conscious campaign to transform and develope cultural life in the city. “The interesting thing is that the core of artists generates so many other jobs and has a large impa ct on peoples employments.” 

My thesis project should consist of a series of intuitive investigations around south east Scania or also called Österlen. 

I will then embrace the program set by an existing organisation with the intention to create an art museum and artist residence and at the same time stimulate the region. 

That program will then be merged with the ongoing koncept of the realization of a festival on a shooting range withing the chosen site. 

The result does not have to be what is intended but I will use that as a starting point in my project. 

PROGRAM, ART MUSEUM (to be inspired by)
The site is Bergdala and Lilla Stenshuvud, just south of Kivik, a small town in the south east of Scania. This is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden, famous for its light and creative atmosphere, attractive to artists as well as tourists from all over Europe. But it is also a very sensitive place, close to a National Park, a destination for people who enjoy fantastic sea views, rare trees and plants, exciting wildlife and the wide open landscape.

The ambition is to develop this site from a concept based on a place for producing as well as showing art, architecture and design. Regional commitment and local pride are values to build on. The first year’s events will be the start of the developments, providing the necessary anchor for the region as well as international acclaim. The physical presence of the constructions on site will create interest and inspiration for the future as well as awakening the anticipation of everyone that makes the effort to experience it.
see: www.kivikart.se 

PROGRAM, FESTIVAL (to be inspired by)
The goal is to create a new nation, based on our dreams. This will be a land for testing, prototyping and realizing our dreams of another world. The Borderland will be created by its participants and everyone is welcome to join. The 2011 theme is “Emigration” – leaving our homes behind, setting course for someplace new and unknown. Our new territory will make room for testing total makeover thoughts, exploring new forms of happiness, prototyping economies and building relations as genuine dramas to view, alter and be absorbed by. The Borderland starts in Northern Europe, spreading across the planet. Local events will be organized by participants and will focus on creative expression, dream design, testing & prototyping.
see: www.theborderland.se



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