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ASAE - Annual Symposium for Architecture and Education


Utbildningsnämnden för Arkitektur 03-05 har initierat ett symposium, Annual Symposium for Architecture and Education, ASAE, som programledningen för Arkitektur driver vidare.

Syftet med ASAE är att diskutera arkitektens roll i förhållande till internationella och nationella frågeställningar kring arkitektur och arkitektutbildning. På detta sätt hoppas programmet kunna lyfta fram nya förutsättningar för utbildningens utveckling samtidigt som vi förstärker samarbetet med andra arkitektskolor. Målet med mötena är att presentera, jämföra och analysera olika arkitektutbildningar för att på detta sätt kunna finna nya idéer och ge nya impulser för utbildningen och dess relation till de förändringar som arkitektyrket står inför. 

Symposiet är öppet för alla; lärare, studenter, övriga verksamma i eller i närheten av arkitekturundervisning, eller allmänt intresserade. Symposiet samordnas även med kursen AFO265, Internationell Workshop 2, för årskurs 3 samt med kursen ABF134, Föreläsningar i arkitektur, för årskurs 1 och 2.


About ASAE

ASAE is an annual two-day seminar at the School of Architecture, Lund University. It celebrates the beginning of the academic year. The aim is to keep an annual ongoing discussion about international education programs and architectural education strategies. ASAE promotes encounters between different schools of architecture in Europe, America and other countries, taking into consideration the objectives of the School of Architecture in Lund: Architectural Design, Experiment and Construction.

ASAE is meant to be a public event and the ambition is to also engage local and international architects, teachers, students, politicians etc. in an open discussion about architecture and design.

The first ASAE was held in the autumn of 2003 and has since then become an ongoing autumn semester event at Lund University.

The aim of ASAE is:

  • To present and compare different architectural education programs. 
  • To analyse different education programs, with the object of improving the level at LTH-A.
  • To develop ideas that could become contra-punctual processes in which several sources could participate, interact and overlay. In this way we will continually generate new architectural attitudes and new impulses. 
  • To discuss how ideas, concepts and dreams may be realised as constructed artefacts. 
  • To investigate how concepts, which may be obscure or apparently unrealisable, can be developed into a real building, with the conceptual ideas carried through to the final architectural proposal. 
  • To discuss how to solve economic and political problems that endanger the level of architectural education and that may  result in future professional work in architectural practice, research and  education suffering.

ASAE10 - Architecture and Beauty

ASAE10: Architecture and Beauty – A Troubled Relationship_teaser  ASAE10: Architecture and Beauty – A Troubled Relationship_programme 

A symposium about the significance and importance of the term beauty in relation to architecture.
This year's symposium raised poignant issues regarding the place of beauty, aesthetics and
self-expression within the psychology and the design-process of architects.

Bloggspot ASAE10 


ASAE09 - Communicating Architecture

A discussion on the tools of communication and representation as used both in architectural education and in practice, with the intent to investigate the discourse of communication - from the representation to the built environment - yet maintaining the full complexity of architecture.

SUMMARY OF ASAE09 - Communicating Architecture -

Blogg ASAE09

ASAE09 : Communicating Architecture レポート
Architecture journal 10+1, Japanese web magazine, INAX publishing

ASAE08 – The Positive School of Architecture

The discussion of the ASAE08 focused on how architectural education, through the different conditions of the schools represented, could be performed in a positive environment. Different strategies of openness, accessibility, collaboration and quality are to be taken into consideration to further develop the systems of architectural education.

ASAE07 – Creative Research

The symposium of 2007 focused on architectural research based on practical experiments. The aim of the symposium was to conceptualise the need of practically oriented research appropriate to the current market conditions and to the climate of knowledge, as it presently exists, considering digital techniques as the essential tools for design.

ASAE06 – Architects of Clarity

With the subtitle “Definitive Architecture – Articulated with Clarity”, the symposium discussed the architect’s role as a leader of an office or a teacher for young future architects. The subject provided many different outcomes that on one hand gave a fantastic voyage for the listeners but on the other hand made it very difficult to conclude.

Conclusions ASAE06

ASAE05 – Architecture Education vs. Practice

The topic for ASAE05 was “Contemporary architectural academic and practice based discourse vs. the need for updated educational strategies”. The need of Swedish architectural education to evolve towards the Bologna model, as well as questions of how we can create an academic environment that adjusts itself after changing demands and methods where the most discussed themes during the symposium.

ASAE04 – Architectural Investigation

The theme of 2004’s ASAE was the concept of Architectural Investigation as a shared platform between the education and the profession. The profession offers the focus and determination that help the schools transform their experiments into the realizable, and the education proposes working methods that open for new ideas. Yet – it is often a difficult task to enhance these kinds of open investigations into built architecture. The qualities of the vibrant conceptual models are often lost when translated into build-able blueprints.

ASAE03 - Experiment & Excellence

The symposium discussed two main concepts in the architecture education: “Experiment & Excellence” as a common ground for the overall topic of the different architecture schools education program.



The different topics discussed throughout each year’s ASAE have every year been taken into account for changes in our curriculum at the School of Architecture in Lund.




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