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Potentials and polarities on charged ground - reprogramming the defunct nuclear power plant in Barsebäck

Sebastian Fors

Examiner: Christer Malmström
Tutor: John Ross
Secondary Advisor: Pawel Szychalski

This project is dealing with questions of landscape impact and industrial building alterations, with the particular example of Barsebäck’s Nuclear Power Plant. The plant was closed in 2005 after 30 years of energy production and political debate. Today it stands idle, with energy entering rather than leaving the site, awaiting any action. The destiny is still unclear, apart from the fact that the removal of remaining nuclear debris will begin in 2020. Instead of total demolition, this project studies the possibility to keep parts of the facility. This is also practically plausible from the perspective of contamination.

The project departure was a general interest in industrial structures of monumental scale and a fascination for the negative association around certain buildings. The final outcome could not possibly be a fully detailed conversion proposal; neither time nor topical relevance would permit that.

The focus has rather been to find a strategy for dealing with the immensity of scale, through the exploration of existing and potential spatial and pragmatic values on site. The programme task resulted in a future directed brief based on science, production and public interface. With the help of an alliteration mantra, sea-site-soil: society, the project has been hold together.

The immensity of the site made it logical to extend the focus from building to landscape at times, with regional considerations on public accessibility and a connecting route strategy as one outcome.

Since precedents are scarce, some effort has been spent on pure imagination, or even fiction. Science fiction has not been a goal in itself, but rather a way to dramatize the public experience and link the present with the past and to what could be the future.




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