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Lunds universitet

Natural phenomenon as Architecture

Greta Lillienau

Examiner: Christer Malmström
Tutor: Jonas Runberger

Nature Observatory is a place to feel and experience nature. Wind, water, sound, swaying tree tops, aurora borealis, midnightsun and scents of the forest are among many others the natural phenomena’s we can feel through this architecture. A place that gives astonishing inspiration.

We all have the necessity to “find our secret spot”. Longing for nature is common in today’s high speed society when the city residents are looking for calmness. Its not only the calmness in nature we want to experience, also the phenomena’s it has to offer.

I have created a space next to nature, in harmony with it. It is a space that invites visitors to experience the sites natural topography. A building with blurred boundaries. Between nature and architecture, between inside and outside. All year round with all the different seasons a place next to the arctic circle has to offer. Frosty Winter, Crusted Snow, Ice Break-up, Midnight sun, Harvest, Colorful Autumn, the First Snowfall.




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