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In Vitro

Fajer Wennerberg

Examiner: Christer Malmström
Tutor: John Ross

“The Paris Market Lab is a complex where kitchen is taken to a new level; not only in the way that dishes are prepared but also in the way the clients interact with it. The Market Lab acts as restaurant and cooking school at once, and it wants to be nothing less than one of the best in the world in both categories.” - The Paris Market Lab competition 2012

The site is in the city center of Paris, next to Marché Saint Germain south of the River Seine.

It is a thesis focusing on the interaction between people, food and resources. Visitors, students, and chefs all become important ingredients along with the locally grown in vitro* meat, also known as cultured meat. It is an animal flesh product that never has been part of a complete, living animal.

The meat cells are fed with growth-serum mainly made of algae and in this project it is grown on top of the building creating a sustainable landmark. No animals are being killed, less energy use, less transportation, less land use and less clean water consumption.

Hopefully this new typology arises awareness to the immense impact the food industry has on our planet and also gives the Parisians a new state of the art social food hub. 

* within glass




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