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Lunds universitet

Performative Arts/Architecture

Caroline Lundin

Examinator: Abelardo Gonzalez
Handledare: Jason Bruges

Instructions, performance, architecture and narrative
This is an exploration into instructions and methods of instructing architecture.

I began this project curious to study the relationship between instructions, performance and the movements of the body.

I wanted to design for these exercises but also manipulate the proposal to encourage different gestures with the body; a performance choreographed by the architecture.

The method of working through instructing performances with a body initiated the design of a chair tailored to the body. The chair and the narrative of the project later informed the nature of the proposed space.

Instructions in architecture are usually seen in the post-design stages informing production whereas for this project, instructions have been an integral part of the actual design process. Since I was interested in the idea of a flexible system that would change and develop according to the physical actions of its inhabitants, I saw a possibility in using instructions as a way of directing these actions. Interpretation of the instructions could develop the architecture further and result in surprising configurations.




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