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Welcome to the School of Architecture

We offer a 5 year professional programme leading to a Master in Architecture, divided into a Bachelor level (year 1 - 3) and a Master's level (year 4 - 5), PhD-programmes in Architecture and History and Theory of Architecture, a wide range of continuing education courses, and pursue research within four academic subject divisions: Architecture, Urban Design, Architectural Technology, and History and Theory of Architecture.

Together with the Department of Planning and the Environment we run the MSc programme Sustainable Urban Planning and Design. We have recently collaborated in establishing an Academy for Building Materials and an Academy for Urban Planning and Design.

The school has a well equiped workshop, a digital fabrication lab and an Architectural library with a large collection. In total, we have around 600 students in the professional programmes, 80 teachers and researchers, and 25 other staff.

Courses for Exchange Students

Exchange students can choose freely among courses from different study programmes, departments and faculties at Lund University, LTH.

The students must observe the academic requirements and verify that they are qualified for a course with supporting documents.

The number of places in courses can be limited.

Exchange students are expected to have a full time study plan of 30 credits each semester during their study period at Lund University.

For more information on courses held in English at the School of Architecture, please click here.

The Master's level programme 5 years - 300 hp (ECTS Credits)

The guiding principles of the programme in Architecture are those of intuition, inspiration, experimentation, orientation to both theory and practice, and of providing the highest level of professionalism possible in the education and training of architects. The programme is organised around a core of extremely competent teachers of architecture, supported by visiting lecturers of high international quality and renown who enrich the programme from year to year.

  • Studies take place in an open and international atmosphere in which there are students and teachers from all parts of the world. 
  • The programme aims at providing an internationally recognised level of education and training comparable to that available at the best architectural schools anywhere in the world. 
  • Exchange studies during one or two terms at one of a number of different European, North American, Asian or Australian schools of architecture is offered as an integral part of the fourth year of studies. 
  • Six months’ practical experience at an architects’ office, either in Sweden or another country of choice, is offered as an integral part of the fifth year of studies. 
  • A project represents the core of the training provided; the themes involved including those of urban planning, architecture, interior design, the architecture of other countries, restoration and furniture design. 
  • High priority is given to projects involving artistic experimentation. 
  • Considerable effort is made to combine architectural theory and architectural practice in the projects in which students participate. 
  • We expect a high level of performance from students, at the same time as we endeavour to provide the best study and learning conditions possible.


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